Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale is a project co-funded from 2014-2018 by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It is a platform of interdisciplinary exchanges of 12 partners led by Cité du Design from Saint-Etienne, born from a concept created in 2006 by the Belgian association Pro Materia. The project explores how  the inhabitants (re) ivent the constantly evolving contemporary city , especially through experiments in the urban space. It works with people and places like shops, public squares, parks, or streets in towns and cities.

The network gathers 12 organizations from 11 countries: Cité du design Saint-Etienne (FR) – Politecnico di Milano (IT) – Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (SI) – Clear Village (UK) – Zamek Cieszyn (PL) – Association Design Week Belgrade (RS) – Pro Materia (BE) – Aalto University (FI) – FH Joanneum (AT) – Association of Estonian designers (EST) – Bilbao Ekintza (ES) – CultureLab (BE).

The Human Cities project highlights 13 strong and shared values: Empathy ; Wellbeing ; Sustainability ; Intimacy ; Conviviality ; Mobility; Accessibility; Imagination ; Leisure ; Aesthetics ; Sensoriality ; solidarity; respect.  Relying on these values, our focus is to analyse, test and implement the process of engaging people in challenging the city scales and co-creating vibrant urban environments in Europe today.

During its four years of activities, the partners will produce together:

– A state of the art composed of 85 case studies
Experimentations in 10 cities, each one prepared by co-creation sessions
– Prototypes tested by inhabitants and visitors
– 9 exhibition-labs in the main European design events
– 11 international conferences
– 11 international workshops
– 5 master classes
– 2 international publications
– A digital catalogue