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DAY 2 // Conflict resolution tools

  • Date: 27.01.2018
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  • Location: Zamek Cieszyn, Ul. Zamkowa 3 a, b, c, 43-400 Cieszyn, Poland

DAY 2: Saturday/ 27.01.2018

10.00–15.00 // Talks and workshops:  Conflict resolution tools

Location: Zamek Cieszyn

10.00–11.30 //Ann Stenros, Chief Design Officer of the City of Helsinki

11.30–13.00 // Workshops lead by Jarosław Gwizdak, Rafał Kołodziej, and Monica Biagioli

14.00–15.00 // Talk by Monica Biagioli, London College of Communication

15.00 // Opening of Graduation Projects exhibition

16.00// Laugher yoga session

Location: Zamek Cieszyn

Located on the Polish-Czech borderland, Cieszyn is the smallest town on the Human Cities map. The Castle Cieszyn crew together with local partners are working on an experimental process related to public transport. Our experience has shown that even such a service as communication IN A SMALL TOWN is a field of constant conflicts: between pedestrians and drivers, cyclists and cars, residents’ needs and the needs of carriers, the right to parking space and the right to piece and greenery etc.

Therefore, the word CONFLICT appears as the main theme of the meeting of Human Cities partners in Cieszyn and the symbolic Castle’s birthdays. Not without a reason. Whether we like it or not, the city is a space of conflicts. To solve that it takes DIALOGUE. The dialogue may result in PARTICIPATION – a joint action that can prevent conflicts, or at least alleviate them.

Human Citizens will take part in workshops, discussion panels and meetings – mostly open to the public. Using the experience and knowledge of the Human Cities’ partners to develop ideas that will help improve the quality of communication in the city.

Will the opening of a new station in Cieszyn prove to be a sufficient incentive for residents to get on the train or the bus? Is it possible to limit the number of cars in the city and realistically improve the quality of life? Zamek Cieszyn has invited experts from various fields to participate in the event and to show tools that could solve problems.

Zamek Cieszyn (Castle Cieszyn) is the first regional centre of design in Poland. It has been promoting good design as the key to regional development since 2005. Through exhibitions, specialist workshops and conferences, the center helps implement design that improves quality of life.

Since the foundation of the design centre in Cieszyn that is for the past 13 years Castle Cieszyn has organized its symbolic Birthday at the beginning of the year. It is an opportunity to meet, summarize, and share experiences and ideas – in an increasingly complex world. Young designers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, whose most interesting diplomas are presented annually in Cieszyn must not overlook this event.

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