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Cité du design Saint-Etienne

Leader of the project Human Cities_challenging the city scale, the Cité du design Saint-Etienne is a platform of research, higher education, economic development, design and art promotion, carried by the City of Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne Metropolis, and the Rhône-Alpes Region (Ministry of Culture). The Cité du Design and School of Art and Design of Saint-Etienne converge since 2005 in a same structure around a common objective: to develop research through creative acts. Since January 2010, they are grouped Under a Public body of Cultural Cooperation (EPCC).

The Cité du design approach is a human-centred design. A design that enhances the practices and ways of life. that it optimizes the energy, that it accompanies the habitat mutations or facilitates the development of health and mobility.

The missions of the Cité du Design are built on:

  • higher education of design in the Rhône-Alpes region
  • development and innovation of companies by design
  • research by design for the benefit of private and public actors ;
  • experimentation of new concepts on the Saint-Etienne territory
  • valorization via exhibitions, editions, conferences
  • raising awareness of design to all audiences