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Alice Holmberg

Alice is a designer and entrepreneur. She has a habit of making change wherever she goes and as such, has co-established an entirely new university institute because the subjectmatter needed a paradigm shift and has played a key part in building up a couple of companies simply because the world would miss out without them. As such, her incurable curiosity has taken her to most of aspects of innovation, leadership and strategy, which is where you will find her these days.

At Central St Martins, Alice teaches Creative Resilience. She has an MA of Design from the University of the Arts in Berlin, is a Fellow of the British Royal Society of the Arts and the German National Academic Foundation and her research on post-colonial national identity building has been endorsed by HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, where Alice originally hails from.

Alice runs her agency House of Holmberg, focused on developing cultural capital throughout. Thus is active across sectors in private companies, public bodies and academia and has worked in 20 different countries across the globe. She is also the founder of Pride & Produce and acts as the co-creation expert for Human Cities.