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My Favourite Boutique by Carton Plein & B.E.A.U.

By Lise Coirier

( is an initiative mounted by Carton Plein and B.E.A.U. for participants of the Crossroads 2015 programme during Human Citie: Challenging the City Scale – organised by Cité du Design in Saint-Etienne, France.

At the core of this city’s urban renewal, ( aim to inspire citizens to transform vacant streets into dynamic and attractive venues.

In order to support their workshop, Carton Plein and B.E.A.U. has established a blog, in-which they are gather a long list of references – images of shops from around the world. They’ve requested that people post and share pictures of these locales as a means of imagining the perfect scenario for an agglomerated neighbour. The picture posted, needed to adhere to the following requirements:

* Inspiring unexpected activity
* Atypical storefront
* Interesting activity
* Surprising relationship to the public space
* Amazing care brought to facades
* etc.

Submit your images today:

Email requirements:

*IN THE TITLE: the town and the country of the shop
*IN THE EMAIL: the reason you chose this shop
>> Put a foto in a attached filed.