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Cieszyn is a small town lying on the Polish-Czech border in the very heart of East-Central Europe. Divided by the border since 1920, it is a town of many cultures and religions where people of different nationalities and beliefs have lived next to each other for centuries and where the local trade routes brought new ideas to the town. To this day Cieszyn is a trade centre offering goods for its inhabitants as well as for the visitors who come here even from far away. Cieszyn is a popular destination for tourists. Its centuries of history are symbolized by the Rotunda from the 11th century and the Piast Tower from the 14th century – the oldest monuments in the region and evidence of the Piast dynasty’s might. The town does not forget about its past, but it looks to the future, too. Design became a tool for creating new ideas. It is popularized here by Zamek Cieszyn – the first regional centre of design in Poland. The key enablers of Cieszyn are its residents. There are 36 000 of them on the Polish side of the Olza River, and 25 000 on the Czech side. Many of them invest their energy and creativity to benefit the local communities. Cieszyn is a small town with big potential. Time may run slowly here, but it doesn’t stop bold ideas from emerging. Luckily, more and more people are becoming inspired by these ideas. They know it’s possible and important to change the town’s everyday life for the better.

Zamek Cieszyn (the Castle Cieszyn)
Zamek Cieszyn is Poland’s first regional design centre. It has been promoting good design as the key to regional development since 2005. Through exhibitions, specialist workshops, and conferences, the center helps implement designs that improve quality of life and the public space, and supports activities inspired by traditional crafts. Its work combines design, business, and the public sphere. Situated in a stunningly beautiful location in Southern Poland, right by the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the region’s oldest heritage sites, Zamek Cieszyn is always worth a visit.

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