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“Ici Bientôt”

  • Date: 07.06.2016 – 09.06.2016
  • Time: 12:00 am
  • Location: Temporary shop "Ici Bientôt" , 40 rue de la Résistance , Saint-Etienne

“Ici Bientôt” ( = “Coming soon”) is the first workshop of Saint-Etienne experimentation lab C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun (Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations)

C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun aims at giving to Beaubrun district a new dynamism. This popular area of Saint-Etienne is living a transformation phase with urban renovations and changes of activities. C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun wants to activate its streets and challenge the phenomena of vacant shops. From April 2016 to April 2017, the experimentation lab will gather the communities of the district to use vacant shops as a resource to test the future activities in the area : highlighting the existing shops and shopkeepers, creating a collective reflection to imagine how vacant shops can have a new life. Launched by the Cité du design, CHOSE Beaubrun experimentation lab is led by a collective of associations, designers, artists, community groups, to give the citizens empowerment, and act collectively for their district.

The first workshop of experimentation lab will take place from 7th to 9th June 2016 around “Rue de la ville” street. A vacant shop lent by its owner for the experimentation will welcome a temporary boutique of projects. Participants will enter in immersion in the street, listen to the shopkeepers and passers-by, transform the shop spaces, organize collective brainstormings and question the local authorities, draw new projects with the inhabitants, in order to settle this new dynamic and find how to continue !

Everyday 10.00 – 12.00 // 15.00 – 17.00

7th June 2016: Shared inventory of the situation.
Where are the empty shops ? Which are the stakes here ? Which specificities of vacancy in this district ? Which future ?

8th June 2016: Ideas and wills ?
Do you have a business or activity set-in project ? You would like to imagine a future for the empty shops of the city ? Do you think there are not enough community shops ? services? Come and let discuss it.

9th June 2016: Act!
How to act collectively ? Who is doing what ? How to communicate properly ? Do we keep the temporary shop ? Ho to federate ? Which are the next steps ?

Blog of the workshop :

The Saint-Etienne HumanCitizens of C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun:
– Association Carton Plein : a collective of architects, designers, sociologists, artists… which lead research-actions on urban planning and dynamisations. They were the animators of Human Cities workshop “Crossroads” in 2015 and want to develop in Saint-Etienne a work on vacant shops.
– CRFAD Loire : a community and training association. They coordinate the project with their expertise in solidarity economy, education and community building
– TYPOTOPY (Costanza Matteucc, Kaksi Design studio) : graphic designers with a project about shop windows and signs
– Collectif X : a theatre company which just made a residence in and about the disrict
– La Louce : video and photo artists, graphic designers
– La Maison de quartier Babet : community centre
– CIDIFF : community association for the rights of women and families
– L’Ecole de l’oralité: an association organizing traditional musics workshops in the district
– ZOOMMACOM and Openfactory : fablab, crossmedia, maker workshops
and many others : shopkeepers, artists, architects, residents…