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  • Date: 01.11.2020 – 31.10.2024

SMOTIES – Creative works with small and remote places.

We believe in transforming remote places into more liveable spaces by involving local residents in the development of cultural and creative activities.

The SMOTIES partners network includes public institutions, design centres, creative agencies, national associations and research centres, located in 10 European cities. These places have been chosen for their particularity of location, cultural uniqueness, development potential and role as consolidators in their creative sectors.

Human Cities is a platform of interdisciplinary exchange, founded in 2006. It is examining the livability of public spaces by using participatory design as a tool to facilitate systems of process and innovation. The Human Cities platform will apply its approach to 10 small and remote European places that are affected by strong rural depopulation. These places are depositories of material and immaterial culture at risk to be undervalued, not consolidated or handed down, and hence lost. This new Human Cities project is called SMOTIES — Creative works with small and remote places.