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Association Design Week Belgrade (BDW)


Association Design Week Belgrade (BDW) is the most important one-stop connection point between creative industries, business, government, academia and media in South East Europe, based in Belgrade, Serbia. Without hiatus since 2006, BDW organizes non-profit the region’s leading annual design festival, with its famous international conference BRAND NEW WORLD as heartpiece, which serves as educational platform and meeting point for the exchange of ideas and experiences between international, regional and national professionals and entrepreneurs from all areas of creative industries such as design, architecture, publishing, branding, advertising, communication, arts, photography, retail, education, culture management… Additionaly, BDW publishes design related movies, books, newsletters around the year, as well as an annual documentary conference feature movie. BDW’s daily TV chronicles are aired in prome time on national TV during the festival. BDW also acts as producer and partner of local and international design events such as exhibitions and workshops, roundtables, competitions etc, and is in Serbia especially renown for its nonprofit nationwide campaigns for the implementation of design thinking in everyday life, such as the “100 BDW creative playgrounds for the children of Serbia” project.

ONE MINUTE CV WHO they are - It is the annual meeting point of South East Europe’s creative industries, in Belgrade, Serbia, now in development to become a yearround one stop solution for the creative community. WHAT they do - They make the connections between some of the foremost creative minds on the planet, their ideas, their products, their processes, and you. HOW they do - This is by producing a world class conference and a cutting edge regional design show, while making time for our guests to explore the gourmet and nightlife capital of the region - Belgrade. WHEN they started - In 2005, they envisaged a private, non-profit event funded in equal part by reputable national government and international institutions, commercial sponsors and visitor’s box office sales. Since then, they have been included into top ten creative events in the world by leading global opinion makers, are member of BEDA, founding member of the Association of Global Design Week Cities and partner of the EU-wide "Human Cities" project. WHERE they help - It is in showcasing object and graphic design, architecture, branding, advertising, music, digital media, TV, art, publishing, film, fashion, media and all other forms of design related business. WHY they exist - It is to connect the creative industries and the world of business without bias, and allow Belgrade to fulfil its regional creative potential.