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Bilbao-Bizkaia Design & Creativity Council (BEAZ)


BEAZ is the public entity of the Biscay Regional Council that works for the growth of economic activity and job creation, through the development of innovative business projects: new products, new markets, innovation, and internationalization. BEAZ is involved in the definition and development of aid programs, coming from the Department of Economic Development from the Regional Council, that support businesses and entrepreneurs, managing them through its own group of experts. In addition, they have the knowledge of the whole network of aids – both institutional and private – aimed at the enterprise and entrepreneurs, and we advise them in their search. They also offer a direct support to companies through their advisory services and relational capital, combining various instruments such as incubators, and partnerships with business actors, academics, sectoral, etc.

They help companies in different stages of maturity. Indeed they support people and companies with innovative projects, whatever is the development stage in which they are: Proximity, to know firsthand their concerns, needs and projects. Service, helping to facilitate their path to growth and consolidation, Networking with other actors in the innovation system. To support the creation and growth, they have the structure and means needed to meet, serve and satisfy their customers’ needs: Managing public aid programs: viability of the business idea, new businesses, product and process innovation and / or organizational innovation, internationalization, international cooperation, patents, etc); Financing though Business Angels network, Seed Capital, Venture Capital, etc; Conventions: Tax deductions for investments in innovation; Collaborative networks that add value to our projects, they are members of EBN and EEN (Creative Industries Sector Group), Promoting entrepreneurship: “Bizkaia Start-up Strategy”, Incubator system to accommodate the innovative start-up companies and Crew Consultant with extensive experience.