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Clear Village


CLEAR VILLAGE is a London-based charity that helps communities build a better future through creative regeneration.

They work together with partners like social landlords, local councils and community groups to bring durable change to communities. They identify community challenges, build on existing community assets and involve community members through participatory design. Since no two communities are the same, no two CLEAR VILLAGE projects are the same either.

The variety of their work shows the breadth of creative regeneration in practice. Their projects range from setting up community centres fostering social entrepreneurship, to finding novel uses for empty or underused spaces, to carrying out communication campaigns to build new community brands. What unites all their work is that they co-create solutions together with communities and ignite resilience from within. CLEAR VILLAGE was founded by Thomas Ermacora in 2009 and registered as a UK charity in 2011. Whilst most of their work is UK-based, they have carried out projects in 10 countries across Europe as well as in Ecuador and China. They are supported by a global network of experts in fields ranging from urbanism and sustainability to technology and anthropology to help them deliver innovative solutions.