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Culture Lab


Culture Lab, founded in 2002, is a private agency based in Brussels, providing European and international expertise in the areas of culture and heritage. The agency implements a wide range of missions, from the design and management of transnational cooperation projects, the assessment of cultural schemes and programs, the writing of sectorial studies, to public outreach, communication and dissemination activities, mainly in Europe, the Mediterranean area and Africa. In addition, Culture Lab Editions publishes specialized books on heritage and cultural creation. The company has collaborated and forged partnerships with key institutions and public and private organizations dealing with creative industries and the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage at a European and international level. In 13 years of activity, Culture Lab has contributed to the design, management and implementation of over 50 European and international cooperation projects and programs in the fields of contemporary cultural creation (visual arts, design , performing arts… ) and the conservation , restoration, management and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage (architecture, archaeology , museums, crafts, traditions… ). Building on its experience in the previous Human Cities projects, the agency will provide technical assistance in the management of this larger scale cooperation project as well as in the communication and dissemination activities.

Cultural projects design and management

Culture Lab carries out the methodological, administrative, financial and logistical coordination of your projects. In this respect, it contributes in the search of international partners and manages the contacts as well as the follow-up of the applications to the financial backers.

Cultural programmes and projects assessment

Culture Lab carries out ex ante, intermediate and ex post evaluation missions of cultural co-operation and development projects and programmes in Europe, Africa and in the Middle East.

Realization of sectoral studies

Our expertise also applies to the realization of targeted studies in the fields of cultural heritage and contemporary creation [visual arts, design, performing arts].

Publishing, writing and copy-editing

As a publisher, Culture Lab carries out the publication of books, the publishing coordination, as well as the writing and the copy-editing of specialized texts. It can deal also with the picture research and the coordination of photographic campaigns.

Communication and awareness-raising

Our team proposes its services for the organization of meetings, seminars and international symposia. Moreover, it provides its expertise to implement exhibitions as well as information and awareness-raising activities.