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Zamek Cieszyn


The Castle Cieszyn Design Centre (Zamek Cieszyn) design possibilities. Indeed, they are convinced that design is an effective tool for increasing the competitiveness of businesses, institutions, towns, cities and regions. They believe that design solves problems and designers can offer suggestions about transforming our closest surroundings in order to make our lives better. The Zamek is a great promoter of the idea of Design for All, which involves keeping physical, social and cultural differences in mind. Since 2010 they have been the home of the Professor Michał Oźmin Institute of Design for All and we are the custodians of the EIDD Design for All archive. They support any ideas which can improve the quality of public space and services.
Zamek Cieszyn -previously called the Silesia Castle of Art and Enterprise – is the name they have been using since January 2011 when they transformed the place into a centre of research and documentation into material culture and design.