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Alice Holmberg

Alice is a conscious entrepreneur, curious change-maker and a passionate innovator. She is a global business developer and negotiator, energetic educator and experienced facilitator.

“As a designer, I am not bound to any specific product, like a garment, a chair or a website. Instead, I use design to look for relevance and meaning – and then design what is needed”
says Alice with a passionate light in her eyes. She has specialised in cultural identity and driving cultural change and puts some of the hot topics of the day into practice: Circular economy, design thinking, co-creation, social innovation, creative entrepreneurship, appreciative inquiry and design strategy.

Alice has founded and runs the design bureau That Something in partnership with Michael Brinch and her decade-long international experience shows what she means by “relevance and meaning”. Alice has designed and delivered processes for rethinking education in Germany; created legacy strategies for Creativity World Forum in Denmark; instigated circular models for social housing in the UK and brought entrepreneurship to sustainable fashion design across the Mediterranean.

Born and bred in Denmark, Alice has lived the last decades in Germany, Bangladesh, Greece and the UK, where she teaches at Central St. Martins, University of the Arts London.
She is a fellow of the British Royal Society of the Arts and has been awarded membership of the German National Academic Foundation.

Alice is the co-creation expert co-creation expert for Human Cities.