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The CREFAD Loire,Saint-Etienne, France, puts citizen empowerment at the heart of its action so that people that are normally far away from the usual participation devices have the opportunity to have a say and to act on it. It is a popular education association that would like to encourage, favour and accompany economic, social and cultural personal and/or professional development initiatives that are part of a solidarity approach.

The CREFAD coordinates “Ici bientôt!”, one of the CHOSE experimentions in Saint-Etienne Human Cities program together with Carton Plein association. CREFAD brings tools related to team management and project production, who ensures the links and relations with the public institutions, who sets up the conditions for an important and strong rooting on the territory. Carton Plein uses its past experience as well as its sensitive and innovative tools at the service of but also to test this new project.