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Damjana Hudnik Zaviršek


Damjana is an architect working in her architectural studio in Ljubljana. She is engaged in designing buildings and open public spaces, interior design and exhibition design.

Along with that, Damjana also actively promotes architecture as a discipline, sensitising members of the public about the importance of space. Faced with spatial issues, she responds by challenging both the contemporary lifestyle and our everyday habits, by bringing together various users of space and educating them, by launching initiatives for arranging neglected spaces and for temporary uses of urban space.

Since 2013, she has been among the supporters of the “Skupaj na ploščad!” initiative, encouraging the residents of the Ruski car residential area to consider the potentials of their public open space and to participate in the process of its restoration and revitalisation. During the last three years, the “Skupaj na ploščad!” (Together to the Platform!) initiative planned and implemented several spatial interventions in the local residential area, aiming to make the space between the blocks of flats more friendly and to encourage the local residents to use it, offering them a possibility of socialising in public spaces. She sees participation in the Human Cities projects as an excellent opportunity to make the ongoing activities in the residential district of Bratovseva ploščad even more effective by gaining experiences and practices of other cities.