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Erika Thümmel


Erika Thümmel, born in 1959 in Graz, obtained her diploma in Restoration from the „Opificio delle Pietre Dure“ in Florence. She worked in the workshops of the Federal Monuments Office in Vienna, Italy and New York City, until, in 1983, she established her own studio in Graz. She designs furniture with particular characteristics, so-called „living subjects“ and „house beings“, and has realized numerous art installations. Since 1988, she has been designing many exhibitions in the sphere of cultural history and art all over the world, e.g. the „Mountain of Memories“ 2003, when Graz was Cultural Capital of Europe, „Wintersportmuseum Mürzzuschlag“ in 2004 and „Absolutly Free. The Woodstock Effect“ in 2009. Since 2001 she is a teacher in information and exhibition design degree courses at the FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences in Graz and realized numerous exhibitions and interventions in the public space with her students.