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Hypermatière is a pluridisciplinary group set up in Cret de Roch district, Saint-Etienne. It was born from the Collective HumanCitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations (C.H.O.S.E) launched by Cité du design  to promote bottom-up collective urban experiences  through Human Cities program.

The group is composed by

  • the designers Captain ludd (Paul Buros, Pierrick Faure, Juliana Gotilla and Martin Guillaumie)
  •  the designer Magalie Rastello
  •  the artist and ceramist Yai Acosta
  • the gardener Mathieu Benoit Gonin
  • the associations Rues du Développement Durable  and  Amicale Laïque du Cret de Roch (social, educational and economic activities for the communities)
  • the local working group of waste upcycling.

Together they initiate a serie of actions with the inhabitants of the district, to  experiment the current and  future possible transformations of Cret de de Roch district, in the area nearby the Rue Neyron and La Fontaine passage through the hill. They propose temporary installations which are low-cost, scalable, reversible, recyclable, to observe and experiment the various temporalities linked to people uses when a long-term renewal project is undergoing in a district like Cret de Roch.

The aim is showing the process and the relevance of collaborative practices . Hypermatière highlights a kind of “space in movement” at a district scale , a space offering its inhabitants the opportunity of becoming active subjects that are aware of the trnasformations they live everyday.