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Jovan Jelovac


Architect by education, from youth football hope to international branding guru, all the way via design consultant and film producer, Jovan Jelovac basically lives in the airplane and works simultaneously in London, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Milano and Istanbul, based in Zürich, Switzerland with his branding consultancy – Brand New World. The imperative for Jovan Jelovac was to build a lasting educational, enlightening legacy in his battered native country of Serbia. As he is working for twenty years now in the top ranks of the global creative community, his absolution was pro-bono founding and curating a cutting edge international creative conference and festival, Belgrade Design Week. Belgrade Design Week has a most simple criteria for being invited to – belonging to “The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century”. The best global thinkers are Jovan’s plants collected from his travels all over the world, and the festival is Belgrade’s future botanical garden, where the experiences, stories and the friendship shared with the lecturers stay forever treasured by the city and its people