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Louisa Vermoere


Louisa Vermoere is communication coordinator of Human Cities/ Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018. She has her own practice as a strategic & architectural designer, graduated at Sint-Lucas Gent – Luca | School of Arts in 2008 and Strelka Institute, Moscow in 2015. She has been co-developing several participative projects addressing public issues aiming for resilient solutions & strategies within multidisciplinary collaborations. Her projects can often be considered soft urbanism that tries to reconnect (im)material streams considered as redundant or hidden. She is cofounder of POOL IS COOL, Collective Disaster, No time No space.

Her collaborations and research has been exhibited, installed and presented world wide. Temple of Holy Shit received the 2nd Prize of the GCSM Blue Responsibility Award, was designed for Parckfarm Turn and Taxi, Parckdesign 2014, Brussels and exhibited in the Onassis Cultural Center in Adhocracy 2015, Athens – Issue of tissue exhibited at «Second Hand Second Life» expo 2013, Petits Riens, Brussels – Bxl Swings in the Cracks was presented in Pop-up City Life, Beurschouwburg, Brussels 2014 – Collective Disaster expressed its intentions at «The Collective Intention» 2015, Depot Basel – Research based design on Shrinking Cities was exhibited in «BIG FUTURE» expo, at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, 2015 Moscow – Holy Shit Preacher drove around at «PERIFERIA Festival» 2015  organised by CITY 3, Brussels. The Miracle Mountain has been installed at «Festival des Hortillonnages 2016» in Amiens.