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Lucile Fauviaux


Lucile is a French student living in Rennes, in Bretagne. She is studying at Sciences Po Rennes, a French political studies institute where she is learning history, sociology, law, and other subjects. Specialized in public services, she wants to work for cities in the future. For her third year at the institute, Lucile chose to leave France and to live abroad. After a first semester studying in Istanbul, she is now an intern at the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, actively involved in the Human Cities project. She arrived in Ljubljana in January and will stay until the end of June 2015. In the Human Cities project, Lucile is helping in the first stages of the project. This project gives her an opportunity to discover urban design as a discipline. Thanks to Human Cities she is discovering bottom up initiatives from different countries in Europe. When she will come back to Rennes, she would like to help implement some of those ideas in her city. Next year, Lucile wants to continue studying urban design and city policies. In the future, she hopes she will be able to integrate to the Paris Urbanism School.