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Matej Nikšič


Matej is an architect and urban designer, he works as a researcher at the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana. A comprehensive city planning and a role of detailed urban design in contemporary city planning challenge him most in his professional endeavours. Being part of an interdisciplinary research team he takes part in projects related to open urban public spaces, urban regeneration, place identity by design, cyclable and walkable communities and other aspects of rising the quality of urban life. He is an active member of AESOP’s (Association of European Schools of Planning) thematic group Public Spaces and Urban Cultures which bridges the academic and practical approaches to contemporary public space provision. He is affiliated with the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana where he teaches the second grade students of urban planning. As a “senior Human Citizen” he finds challenges in translating the rich legacy of Human Cities into durable lessons learnt that can encourage many citizens from all walks of life across the world to change their living environments for better. Matej is an urban activist himself too trying to encourage cycling in Slovenian cities within V troje initiative.