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Vesna Jelovac


Vesna Jelovac was born in Belgrade, where she graduated at the Faculty of Philology in 2008, and then gained a master’s degree of the Japanese language and literature. From 2009 Vesna is working as a Chief Executive Officer at Belgrade Design Week with the mission to set a new benchmark for promoting design in the entire South East European region, and a five years plan to expand the brand globally.

She is responsible for capacity building focused on regional industry leaders, having consulted over 50 leading corporations in past 5 years, as well consulting institutions on economic and social responsible issues with the greatest potential for design to make a difference, for example as with the Belgrade City Council; conducting researches on eligible national and international funds; development of strategies and interventions in which economy, design and communication meet; communication and lobbying with regional industry leaders, national and international professional institutions to support the solutions which deliver real results and impact using design strategies and tools to help foster innovation in creative industries, business and public services, and improve our environment; All this initiatives peaking once a year in delivery of the annual Belgrade Design Week festival and international conference, the premier multidisciplinary professional educational event in the region, presenting the leading global and local creative thinkers of our times. Vesna is committed to promotion and encouraging design-led innovative projects and opportunities in all the areas of creative industries, through policy work with regional industry leaders and local business players in design as well with international and national institutional decision makers.