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Polhov Gradec Dolomites Landscape Park

Polhov Gradec Dolomites Landscape Park (KPPD) was declared in 1974 due to the characteristic topography, outstanding natural beauty, remarkable sacral and architectural cultural heritage as well as archaeological, ethnological and other historical assets. The eastern part of KPPD is in focus of Smoties in phase one. It covers the hilly part of the municipality of Medvode, where 10 small settlements are located (Osolnik, Studenčice, Tehovec, Trnovec, Setnica, Belo, Brezovica pri Medvodah, Topol pri Medvodah, Golo Brdo and Žlebe). The whole area is predominantly characterised by the mixed forests, especially in the slopy parts, while next to traditional small villages grasslands, fields and orchards can be found. The area is not too far from the capital city of Ljubljana which on one hand makes it popular for the spare-time recreational activities (there are many hiking tracks spread all around the area), and on the other hand makes it attractive for the suburban living. However, the area stays remote due to the complete lack of public transportation and underdeveloped public facilities – besides the primary school, churches and local gastronomy services there are no other public functions. The area attracts the creative actors too, they get active and/or settle there not only due to the inspirational environments but also to promote cultural heritage and develop the cultural activities in the remote places by involving local residents. Their focal public are the visitors from elsewhere too who started to visit the area in larger numbers during the corona measures.

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