Vr 07 mei 2010, 10:30

Human Cities Festival 2010

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts leaves a lot of room for artistic expression in public space. Human Cities suggests four performances for you to discover, that are a perfect illustration of the theme of the festival.

En passant

How do people gather? What is a horde, a crowd, a group? Can you be a spectator and a participant all at the same time? Aware that the way we experience ourselves and the world is relative, Dutch theatre maker Lotte van den Berg presents En passant, the opening event she has prepared with a variety of Brussels groups and clubs. More than 500 people will be on the move across the city, driven by need, chance or mere boredom. And so will you. ‘Sometimes it is important to take a step back, so you can look at yourself. Step back and consider. Observe and understand that the way you do things is only one of many ways. This is a frightening thought but also a liberating experience.’ On the basis of this idea, Lotte van den Berg and her OMSK company set things in motion in the streets of Brussels, a movement that will rumble on until the final weekend of the festival, when they will present Het verdwalen in kaart. A vision of a city, ‘en passant’.

Concept: OMSK
Team: Lotte van den Berg, Lotte Vaes, Koen van Oosterhout, Willem Weemhoff, Robijn Voshol, Rianne van Hassel
Performed by: passers-by and inhabitants of Brussels
Free entrance
See also Het verdwalen in kaart

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, KVS
Production: OMSK (Dordrecht), Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Project coproduced by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
© Ank Daamen


Christophe Slagmuylder, general & art director
Quai du Commerce 18
B-1000 Brussels

Wo 05 mei 2010, 08:00
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Opening Night & Pecha Kucha

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IBAI Conference

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Urbiotica : Smart Cities

Vr 07 mei 2010, 10:30

08 – 16 mei 2010
Colouring the city of Brussels

Za 08 mei 2010, 12:00
Micronomics Festival

Za 08 mei 2010, 08:00
PearsonLloyd : Dynamic Equilibrium

Zo 09 mei 2010, 11:00
Street Brunch

10 – 11 mei 2010

Za 15 mei 2010, 12:00