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Arte Shop – Bilbao

By Camille Vilain

Arte Shop

The initiative was presented the 2011/06/29 by Lan Ekintza and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, and as far as funding is concerned has a 50% co-financing from the European Social Fund. “Arteshop” is an innovative collaboration between young artists and dealers in Bilbao.
It aims to capture the attention of customers with the exposure of interventions created by these young artists, integrated in the life of the business, highlighting the product to be marketed in each shop. This innovative proposal provides a showcase for the work of the young creators, the possibility to experience their creativity in the daily activities of the city, and the presence of Art in different locations than the traditional spaces.

ARTESHOP BILBAO in its 5th edition is already a consolidated city project. The setting for the exhibition of the artworks is not the usual. A new challenge for the young students of the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of the Basque Country.
Once they are inspired, they have a new challenge ahead of them: the exhibition space for their work will be a shop in Bilbao. The context has never been more important. The artwork may be surrounded by very distinct elements such as exotic fruits, trend-setting clothes, motorbikes, books or classic jewellery, evoking a wide range of sensations. The students bet high and the surprise felt by whoever enjoys the artist’s creation is guaranteed.
The opportunity has been embraced. Many of the artists have never had the chance to exhibit. Others have, but with little possibility of their artworks reaching a large audience. Arteshop opens its doors to an exchange of enriching experiences for both parties: the artists and the commercial establishments. There are no prior requirements for the materials or the format of the artwork that is going to be born. A dialogue with the surroundings, however, is necessary. The young students of the Fine Arts Faculty are thrown into a demanding reality outside of the protective perimeters of their workshops and classrooms.
The result is surprising, vital and transmits energy. The art is young and fearless. The route along the shops hosting Arteshop is as attractive as enjoying an exhibition that no one has seen before and that will never be repeated. You and I have the opportunity to live this moment which must be enjoyed for its brevity, but also for its intensity of being a unique moment. This competition, which is experienced just once a year in the shops and streets of Bilbao, combines all this, making it a must in the diary of those enthusiastic about art and, therefore, life.
A prestigious jury chooses the 3 prize-winning works. And a special audience award to the most voted work. In each commerce the public can consult the phone number associated to vote for it (free call).
Is already opened the deadline to submit the requests for the 2015 edition of ARTESHOP
Call for 75 students/participants. (200€ per pupil/ 200€ for production)
Awards: First Prize: 1,200.00€, second: 900.00€, third: 600.00 €.
The selection criteria are:
• Artistic quality of the productions
• Adaptation to the characteristics of the business, as well as the product/service that is offered.
• Cost-impact of the project
• Sustainability of the project


• Bilbao City Council through LanEkintza (local public company) as organizer and facilitator of the initiative
• The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country providing 75 students who will enjoy this experience
• The Bilbao Arte Foundation composed of professionals of the art sector involved in mentoring students in their projects, but also 10 of them will present their works.
• Innovative Trades of Bilbao (CIB) platform promoted by Lan Ekintza Bilbao with the aim to bring together traders with innovative attitude to make the trade in the city a reference for creativity and innovation.

Role of Design

It is a different way to use the design as supporting the commercial activity of the city, offering a different environment in which people enjoy something more than their shopping experience. In addition, it makes it easier for young students of the Fine Arts Faculty and artists of Bilbao Arte, the opportunity to intervene on a specific area of the city of Bilbao and display their work in an unusual context for contemporary art.
This initiative promotes collaboration between art, design, and commercial activity. Having a window in the city where to make visible the results and the work of the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the artists of Bilbao Arte.
This initiative allows spreading Bilbao’s image as a city that makes a bet for the art and design as economic activities that bring value to the commercial offer of the municipality.

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