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Atelier Toboggan – Saint-Etienne

By Camille Vilain

Atelier Toboggan – Urban Street Slide Workshop

Introduced by the Captain Ludd designers, this participative workshop of manufacturing a “urban street slide workshop” aimed at creating a moment of meeting around a do-it-yourself activity with the the Crêt-de-Roch inhabitants. The project also marks the launch of a programming action in favors of the inhabitants who will regularly be invited to exchange around micro-projects. Times of initiation will then give way to real participative construction works going to the direction of a district life to be improved.


Key actors

Main Promoter: the Captain Ludd designers collaborated with the inhabitants (children and adults) of the Crêt de Roch district for the “slide workshop”.

Secondary players: the students of the Saint-Etienne College of Art and Design (ESADSE) and the passers-by.

Beneficiaries: this playful device allowed to lead the public place, for an evening time, by allowing to play in the street. The beneficiaries were also the inhabitants of Saint-Etienne which visited or the passers-by.


Role of design

Co-design and participatory practices

The Captain Ludd designers works on games interfaces and interactive events at the same time in order to gather designers, public and inhabitants to establish a global thinking about esthetics notions, conception and manufacturing.

“Urban street slide workshop” was made during an opening to the public of Captain Ludd studio. “Urban street slide workshop” was drawn and conceived from raw materials of recovery, wood and cardboard. Materials thus led the shape, but also the assembly and required an adaptation of the designer’s tool for the specific work.