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Les Bergers Urbains – Ile de France & Roubaix

By Camille Vilain

Les Bergers Urbains – The Urban Sheaperds

Every year some hectares of farmland disappear in favor of urban area extension (85% of the French population lives in urban areas. Source: INSEE). In response of this context, five friends founded Clinamen Association in 2012 Saint-Denis. They wanted to reintroduce farmer practices in the urban spaces through transhumance, henhouse, vegetable garden, etc.

In 2014, Clinamen created the cooperative Les Bergers Urbain with the will to become a research and de-velopment center on urban agriculture. Les Bergers Urbain aims to assist the citizens (residents, donors, local businesses) to practice new ways of managing outdoor areas.

Secondary players:
– Valentin Charlot and Pauline Maraninchi, landscaper DPLG.
– Julie Lou-Dubreuilh, architect and construction manager.
– Guillaume Leterrier, territorial ESS developer.
– Simone Schriek, osteopath DO-therapist.

– Private individual
– Co-ownership
– Owners
– Lessors
– Cities
For example : La Condition publique (cultural manufacture of Roubaix) / tourism office of Plaine Commune Grand Paris / Urban area of Marne La Vallée – Val Maubuée / Urban area community Plaine Commune Grand Paris / Bondy Seine Saint-Denis / TEDx / IKEA / Le Fiac

Role of design

If the project initiators do not explicitly refer to design as such, the design thinking approach can be under-lined. The city is perceived as an ecosystem where urban planning is connected to food producing facilities and qualities of public space.

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