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maTIKo – Bilbao

By Camille Vilain


Story of the initiative:
– Involve citizenship in those actions aimed at improving the urban environment: interventions in the public space.
– Training in new ICTs.
– Design a methodology and contents that take into account the diverse learning possibilities a city offers for training citizenship in the transformation of their environment

Key actors
– Citizenship: districts and associations from the Uribarri neighbourhood.
– Zaramari: consulting company organising the workshop, especialized in the design and citizen participation process for fostering collective intelligence as a tool for the development of creative thinking within people and organizations.
– Bilbao City Council: arranges the workshop with the support of Zaramari and Bilbao Ekintza, a regional development organization for the dynamization of citizen participation.

Role of design

In this project it was essential the services design aimed at the development of an action that meets different purposes:
– Foster participation of neighbours and associations in the neighbourhood.
– Train participants in the use of new information and communication technologies.
– Disseminate the activity in the Auzogune area within the neighbours.
– Generate an added-value resource for the neighbours.
– Become an innovative action, with an important creativity component where participants can become the real actors both in the action and the result.
– Create an activity extendable to other neighbourhoods and districts of the city.
A collective mapping of the district was designed following these premises. For that purpose, participants were provided a prior practical training session on digital tools that would put to use in gathering information for the later elaboration and dissemination of maps.
On the other hand, four working groups were made on different subjects that carried out the required district fieldwork to complete the contents for the maps (pictures, videos, audio files and texts).
The resulting information was uploaded onto the following platforms: Ubiqarama, Storify, Twitter, Youtube and Audioboom so that the work carried out in two working sessions could be visualized.

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