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Projekt koncepcyjny Parku Kastanowego w Cieszynie – Cieszyn

By Camille Vilain

Projekt koncepcyjny Parku Kastanowego w Cieszynie – Conceptual project of Chestnut Park in Cieszyn

1. Exhibition:
17.07.2012 r. Cieszyn Castle took the opening of the exhibition “Where to play?” presenting playgrounds drawings made by children from the classes at the School of Painting, Drawing, Photography and Thinking located in Cieszyn. The exhibition was a pretext to discussion what and where to play in Cieszyn. Talks were attended by residents, representatives of the city and designers from the studio: pracownia k. The active participation of citizens and good will the city authorities resulted in another meeting – participatory workshops, routed a week later.

2. Workshop 22.07.2012:
Workshop with public consultation with residents of this district. Aim of the workshop was to identify the main directions for the management of the park area maroon, create a list of guidelines for designers, as well as ideas to improve the quality of the space that can be made in the near future, taking into account budgetary constraints.
The city authorities decided to create in the park, which was undeveloped space, a place friendly to residents.


Main promoters: Zamek Cieszyn and Cieszyn City Hall
Secondary players and beneficiaries of the initiative and their main roles: NGO’s and inhabitants of Cieszyn

Role of design

In the process was using design thinking methods, based on a deep understanding of the problems and needs of users. Created interdisciplinary team – look at the problem from many perspectives. Frequent experimentation and hypothesis testing – building prototypes and gathering feedback from users. Used a systematic approach to the process. Realization of the project was made by professional designers from design studio: pracownia k.

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