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TEEME ÄRA! – Estonia

By Camille Vilain

TEEME ÄRA! – Let’s do it !

It’s the day of collective action that has been taking place in different forms all over Estonia since the year 2008. In 2008 people gathered together to clean Estonia from illegal garbage, in 2009 people gathered together to generate good ideas and from 2010-2014 there have been several different actions (Estonian: talgud) all over Estonia. Every community, organization or active citizen decided by themselves what needed to be done and asked other people to join according to that.

The main purpose of the day is the contribution to the civil society in Estonia by promoting active attitude, strenghtening local communities and  supporting the development of local leaders.

Key actors

Civil movements (in Estonia) that have managed to gather so many different volunteers

Locals and visitors; youngsters and eldery people; urban and rural communities; organizations and families etc.

Role of design

The old ways and habits of working collectively together have been put into modern and wider context that everybody can relate to.

One big aim for the community activities day is building strong and sustainable communities. While working together side by side with neighbours for their own community participants can really feel and see each other contribution for their community.

The aim is communicated by strong visual identity, brand and service design elements. Media has also been a strong Partner.