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Conference Masterclass

Masterclass Scale of Urban Actions

  • Date: 25.05.2018
  • Time: 9:00 am 1:00 pm
  • Location: La cité du Design , 3 Rue Javelin Pagnon , Saint-Étienne

Works in Lyon Confluence ©IRD

A Masterclass organized by Cité du design and the Laboratory Images-Narrations-Documents of Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art an Design , within the framework of the European project Human Cities/ Challenging the City Scale [NB : French-speaking event]

A Masterclass to analyse different levels of urban actions, from the institutional policies (local governments) to the practices of collectives of citizens , which design scales of urban spaces, and the individual action of indepedant designers.

Urban action requires an analysis of “the action” : measuring the involved spaces and considering its differents actors. This Masterclass will give the floor to the “practionners” or “actors” : the ones who act,by doing,on the material of urban spaces. It will present 4 cases developed in Saint-Etienne during the project Human Cities_Challenging the CIty Scale, managed by the Cité du design. These cases are drawing different typologies of city scales (the groundfloor premises; the street,the neighborhood ) and different typologies of actors’ scale (a designer, a collective an association). The speakers will not simply present the content of their actions but rather explain their aim, their organization and their relevance in relation with their dimension.

– Josyane Franc, Coordinator of Human Cities_Challenging the CIty Scale project, Cité du design
– Kader Mokaddem, professor of philosophy & aesthetics,Laboratory Images-Narrations-Documents of Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art an Design
– Raymond Vasselon, architect, Association Amicale Laïque du Crêt de Roch: “Scales, power & urban creativity”
– Thomas Frémaux, manager of Ici-Bientôt project, CREFAD Loire social economy NGO : ” CREFAD Loire, an interface supporting out-of-the-frame projects of business creation”
– Paul Buros, designer, Captain Ludd collective ” Social design and territory”
– Magalie Rastello, independant designer : “Entity and fragments, spatial en temporal percpetion of a neighborhood”.
– Philippe Simay, philosopher, École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris–Belleville et membre du laboratoire Gerphau-LAVUE