Human Cities Projects

Human Cities / Celebrating public space

Funded by the European Culture programme 2007/2013

The project reflected on how design theory and practice can conceive and develop feasible solutions to create unprecedented forms of community and public spaces in cities. It examined the complexity of contemporary society and cities, considered as laboratories, where new ideas and solutions are being invented. The outcomes of the projects were focused on experimentations in local European festivals aimed to understand ways to combine the design of a physical layout of any concrete space with the so-called soft attributes of space, such as user needs and habits, and their perceptions and expectations of a space.
This work resulted in:
– the publication Coirier, L., Goličnik Marušić, B., & Nikšič, M. (2010). Human Cities. Celebrating public space. Stichting Kunstboek. link pdf and link amazon
– the first edition of the Human Cities Festival “Celebrating Public Space” in May 2010 in Brussels
– an international symposium, an exhibit on “Places to Be”, presentation of results of the project and various activities in cities, and in an international call for ideas.

This work paved the following projects with a strong theoretical work towards further impact of people’s active engagement.

Institut supérieur d’Architecture de la Communauté française de Belgique La Cambre (BE), Pro Materia (BE), The Lighthouse (UK), Politecnico di Milano (IT), Urban Planning Institute volunteered geography as a driver of the Republic of Slovenia (SLO). With the expertise of Culture Lab (BE) and in collaboration with Cité du Design (FR).

HUMAN CITIES projects:

Human Cities / SMOTIES – Creative works with small and remote places

Human Cities / Challenging the city scale

Human Cities / Reclaiming public space

Human Cities / Celebrating public space