Human Cities/SMOTIES develops spatial and service solutions by designing cultural and creative innovations in ten European small and remote places.

The project is part of the Human Cities network, a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, examining and acting to improve the liveability of indoor and outdoor public spaces to incubate innovative processes for social cohesion through participatory design.

Remote places & partners

The SMOTIES network is a partnership of ten design universities, research centres, creative agencies, and national associations. Each partner selected a small and remote place in their country to benefit from the design of cultural and creative regenerations within public spaces and in collaboration with local stakeholders.

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Windows on the Future

To support creative thinking and seek a broader impact beyond the project, SMOTIES has developed guiding perspectives for the future: the Windows on the Future, narrative lenses to guide local stakeholders in identifying possible futures for their public spaces. Designed to support a foresight process, they consist of a set of possible scenarios based on the analysis of trends and can help shape present objectives and activities.

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