Design tools for the creative transformation of public spaces in small and remote places

The SMOTIES Toolbox was developed to guide creative teams in analysing and understanding the challenges faced by remote places in Europe, and to guide local stakeholders in identifying possible futures for their public spaces. It enables creative teams to envision both near and distant futures, positioning them within a framework of current challenges for rural areas and assessing specific impact objectives to lead tangible creative actions in specific territories with their communities of inhabitants.

The SMOTIES Toolbox was developed as a shared methodology for the SMOTIES project; hence, it results from an international collaboration among project experts intended to support the development of solutions in diverse territories. Each partner acted as an interlocutor, activator, and supporter of creative works anchored in public spaces and has contributed to the Toolbox development by prototyping it and giving feedback on its usability, critical aspects, and effectiveness.

This is a preview of the Toolbox. The final version will be available by the end of June.

The Book

Presents the work, including the methodology used to build it and the theoretical bases.

The Kit

Includes all the tools developed, their instructions, tips, and examples of use.

Final version downloadable by the end of June

Tools in Education: insights

Reflections on applying and testing the Toolbox in university courses.

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