Estonian Association of Designers

Tallinn - Estonia

Estonian Association of Designers (EAD) is a nonprofit organisation governed by public law and representing 160 designers. EAD activities are focused on raising the society’s awareness of the efficiency of design and developing user-friendly environment; organising competitions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions. It collaborates in projects focused on issues like inclusive design, health care design, human cities, design management. The main design event of the year is the international Tallinn Design Festival (DISAINIÖÖ) which has received the European quality label EFFE. From 2006 EAD gives out the Estonian Design Award BRUNO. For promoting Estonian design abroad EAD has received an award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For helping to introduce local makers EAD has established an Estonian Design House (2010). Estonian design has been exhibited in Scandinavia, Baltics, Central-Europe, UK, China, Russia, USA, Japan, etc. On the initiative of the EAD a joint project with state was launched to develop and implement design policy. EAD has participated in European design policy projects. EAD is a member of BEDA, EIDD Design For All Europe and WDO, it has initiated projects dedicated to relaxing in wilderness and in the city like Tallinn For All project, which received the DME Europe Award.

People involved:

  • Ilona Gurjanova
  • Communication designer and curator, lecturer. President of Association of Estonian Designers, organiser of Tallinn Design festival, founder of Estonian Design House. Her main focus is in design management, she is curious and likes to experiment. Ilona has been partner to the private and public sector and she has participated in planning Estonian development strategy, design policy and culture development. Being the initiator and main curator of several design projects in 20 countries she has been awarded by Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Culture.
  • Kirke Tatar
  • Communication and marketing manager for EAD and Tallinn Design Festival. Having an education in tourism business and service design she has participated in several international projects. She is managing Estonian Design House and her heart's desire is to introduce Estonian design.
  • Kevin Loigu
  • Communication manager, photographer, and cultural studies graduate with a history of working in areas of architecture, design and literature. Always eager to join in on creative (ad)ventures, especially in photography.