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The birth of C.H.O.S.E in Saint-Etienne

By Camille Vilain

How Saint-Etienne launched a Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations (C.H.O.S.E)

Saint-Etienne distinguishes itself by its design laboratory approach where some local actors develop their own actions and methodologies in order to question urban issues and to transform the city with its inhabitants.  The Human Cities sessions organized in July by the Cité du design with local actors allowed the revelation of the abundance of projects, the stimulation of the desire to cooperate and to create a community of Saint-Etienne Humancitizens.

This is how C.H.O.S.E was born,”Collective Humancitizens office of St Etienne Experimentations” in order to support local initiatives and laboratory of experimentations that will be launched locally from 2016 to 2017. These will be precious indicators of information to imagine the future of our city. What is C.H.O.S.E? C.H.O.S.E is an effective means to enable the fostering of synergy between Saint-Etienne based initiatives. In Saint Etienne, C.H.O.S.E is the starting point of a system of information and initiatives that activates our neighborhoods and make the city more humane. What does C.H.O.S.E want?
  • To spot, to federate, to list and to approve the Humancitizens from Saint-Etienne
  • To link and to value the initiatives of transformation and revalorization of the territory.
  • To constitute a community of Humancitizens which have the common objective of making the city more humane.
  • To catalyze energies so that each person can assert its engagement in a collective and strong manner
  • To use the Human Cities program to develop and valorize the urban experimentations of Saint-Etienne at an international level
  • To be connected to the European program Human Cities
  • To match to the 13 values shared by the Human Cities partners:Empathy, well-being, durability, intimacy and conviviality, mobility and accessibility, imagination and hobbies, aesthetics, sensory, solidarity and respect
  • To be presented in March 2017 for the next Biennale Internationale du Design de Saint-Etienne
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