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Videostory – Challenging the scales of urban perception

By Camille Vilain


The Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design (ESADSE) participated in Human Cities with a Masterclass organized by the Laboratory Images, Narration, Documents, under the direction of Kader Mokaddem, professor of aesthetism and philosophy. The Masterclass invited 2 groups of international students to develop a sensitive approach of the city and its scales.

The image of urban scale has become confused: urban installations go over the traditional borders of the city. Students were invited to explore the city, mea­sure the spaces and their transformations, and re-build a circuit of looks on the city in Saint-Étienne.

The productions of images from this Masterclass were presented in the exhibition-lab Human Cities Challenging the City Scale at the Human Citizen office, Rue e la République du Design , during the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne.

Kader Mokaddem, the professor, presents this project :

The challenges of City Scales is a multiple issue, and the sensible approach is a fundamental question to deal with the city tranformations. That’s why these themes will continue to feed the works of the laboratory Images, Narrations, Documents, with seminars involving various city makers, observers, and practitioners, and, why not, the constitution of an “observatory of the sensible city”.