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Workshop: Co-Creation in Milan

By Alice Holmberg

Its autumn, its Milan and its just magic.

Far from the usual design trail, our Milanese partners have put their minds to a square in one of the City’s south districts. It is a raw environment in one of those modernistic fantasies of a satellite town, complete with 1st floor public space towering over a carpark. Fencing this public square on two sides are estates, and a modern church and Teatro Ringhiera to the other two, respectively.

This square has a fascinating recent history. It only got its name ‘Piazza Fabio Chiesa’ a couple of years ago as an homage to the man who initiated its signature flower paint covering. Fabio Chiesa was a member of the Teatro Ringhiera team and the theatre is keen to continue the legacy of activating the community and improving the public space.

Enter the brilliant young minds of Temporary Urban Solutions at the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano in combination with the all-encompassing initiatives of Teatro Ringhiera, and you will see the scope of public space challenged.

Though the spring of 2016, aspiring designers will work with the local community and bring their creative products and services to the square – expect to see Piazza Fabio Chiesa buzzing with temporary urban solutions and expect the magic during the next Salone del Mobile when spring comes around.