Posted Jan 14th 2011

Human Cities: Celebrating Public Space As a Common Good

The book focuses on approaches, techniques and methods as to how to achieve liveable public places and attractive cities. The content is organised into two main topics: Each of the two scientific sections consists of a set of papers (chapters) and an introduction which covers the entire topic and links all the chapters together. The third part is composed of the 30 selected projects within the HC call for entries and HC festival activities / partners. From content point of view each chapter answers three basic questions: Why is the tool/approach created? What and who for? How does it work? (stress is put on case studies). The contributors are mostly from the European countries, partners in the project: Belgium, Italy and Slovenia. However, there are some guest authors, such as colleagues from the USA.

16,5 × 23 cm
160 p.
160 illustraties
isbn 978-90-5856-345-3

€ 29.90