Gepost op 14 december 2010

Human Cities Brussels- Istanbul on Flickr and Vimeo!

Check out our new pictures on Flickr and the videos on Vimeo.

Gepost op 13 december 2010

SPAGAT! Design Istanbul Tasarımı

We are happy to announce that after Istanbul, Human Cities Brussels- Istanbul travels to SPAGAT! this month.

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Gepost op 19 september 2010

Upload your favourite sound of Istanbul

My Favourite Istanbul Sound (from an original idea by Peter Cusack) is based on the theory that anybody can communicate his/her favourite sound of the city on the basis of which a 15 minute composition will be recorded by sound artist Guy de Bièvre.

Go to the project’s website to upload your own favourite sounds of Istanbul.

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Gepost op 20 juli 2010

Announcing Human Cities Brussels Istanbul

In the framework of Istanbul 2010 (cultural capital of Europe), from the 29th of September to the third of October, Istanbul will welcome Brussels-Istanbul : designing public space.

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Gepost op 3 mei 2010

Festival Pictures on Flickr !

Check out the pictures of Human Cities Festival in Brussels : the Pecha Kucha opening night, the Places to be exhibition, and many more