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Brussels Istanbul
Sanjit Manku

City: public and private use

Each project that Jouin Manku takes on is 100% specific to its context and all-inclusive of its design. On the boundary between object, interior and architectural structure, a restaurant by Jouin Manku will include not only the interior architecture, but every detail of the furnishings down to the weight of the chair and stitching of the seat cushions. Engaging all degrees of the hotel experience when they take on such a commission, Jouin Manku explore what visitors want, crave, expect and adore, comforting them while away from home while forming a lasting impression of luxury they’ve never before imagined. While many designers aspire to such overarching control, Patrick + Sanjit insist upon it, relish in it, and require it as the only way to realize the integrity of their vision. To create a singular experience, to have every detail in place created for this place only – is to achieve the unique design, its truest form.
While each project is its own individual conception, the principle that unites Patrick + Sanjit’s work is their experimental approach. They play with an idea, a problem, a client’s request, with an anything-is-possible frame of mind – dream first, then make it real. Constructing things without precedent has its challenges, but they thrive on this kind of conceptual and technical innovation – and the combination of Patrick’s design work and Sanjit’s architectural background gives an unusually broad range of experience. They are not intimidated by technological challenges or technical experimentation, researching new materials and expanding the applications for established ones, so their work not only allows the client something entirely original, but also pushes forward the frontier of design possibility. Their expertise lies in transforming what they imagine into reality, be it in glass, stone, or laser-sintered nylon.

Sanjit Manku,
Agence Jouin Manku

Picture Thomas Duval


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Old Galata bridge

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Sanjit Manku

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