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HC_Challenging the City Scale/ Milano

By Davide Fassi

Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale is significantly different in scale compared to the previous editions. It has established a truly European and international frame in order to create the best place to be for engaging design-driven initiatives to take place within public space and have a truly and positive impact on professionals and the general public. In 2016, the European network of partners composed of 11 cities which are developing people-driven initiatives and competencies and are enlarging the audience by being part in the main design events in Europe welcoming several exhibitions, and acting in close relationship with other design networks in Europe and in the world. Our main attention goes to the actual Human Cities Research Project (State of the Art and Case Studies) which have now been structured, offering both inspiring cases for urban experimentation, and an analysis on the current bottom-up urban design movement and social innovation at the European scale. This research, related to co-briefing sessions,  Experiment Labs and the Master classes have a stronger objective: a deep legacy to the local communities. This edition is even more itinerant and open to various audiences, thanks to the touring exhibition concept and digital catalogue which goes with it.




During the Milano Design Week, Human Cities comes across with “Human Cities_ Challenging the City Scale/Milano Exhibition”, an interactive ‘experiment lab’ as a result of an active design experience between Politecnico di Milano – Design Department and School of Design, with “Atir Ringhiera” theatre in Milano and the local associations around La Piana, a square of 6000 sqm in front of the theatre.

62 international students attended the “Temporary Urban Solutions” masterclass, from more than 10 different countries, working for 5 months with 11 local organizations to develop spaces and services to reactivate La Piana square. This experience involved the university, the theatre and the neighborhood to explore the context and the local needs by developing actions and temporary urban solutions for social innovation.

“Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale/Milano” is also an opportunity to share how the Human Cities partners are activating public spaces across European cities: the exhibition acts as a storyteller of the work in progress. “Human Cities_Challenging the city Scale/Milano” will host the College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University – Shanghai, with the exhibition “Open Your Space”. The interaction within the public space is here explored in an extra European urban context – the megalopolis of Shanghai – involving the Siping Lu’s community, the Tongji campus neighborhood. During the Milano Design Week 2016 will take place the annual meeting of Human Cities/Challenging the city scale research project with more than 30 representatives of the 11 partners.




Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale /Milano Exhibition

Milano Design Week, 12th-17th of April 2016

BASE Milano, Via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milano

Opening time: 10am-10pm






April 14th // Experiment LAB

10.00-11.00 // Exhibition Preview + Experiment Lab @BASE Milano

11.00-12.30 // Human Cities Seminar @BASE Milano

12.30 // Exhibition Opening @BASE Milano


13.30 // Bike tour to La Piana (Teatro Ringhiera ATIR), Via Boifava 17, 20142, Milano

14.30-18.00 // Experiment Lab @La Piana

18.00 // Bike tour to BASE Milano, Via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milano

18.30 // Opening at France – Saint-Etienne Exhibition, XXI Triennale @BASE Milano


April 15th//TOUR

9.30-13.00 // New Public spaces in Milan: guided tour

Giardino delle Culture, Rotonda della Besana, Cascina Cuccagna

Un Posto a Milano, Via Privata Cuccagna, 2, 20135, Milano.

Rotonda della Besana, Via Enrico Besana, 12, 20122 Milano

Cascina Cuccagna, Via Enrico Besana, 12, 20122 Milano